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If you not sure yet about Rosa3d filaments quality and reliability, we give you opportunity to try it. Pick your sample and order it.Limited quantities available.Filament weight approx 50g. Shipped next working day (if ordered before 8pm) via RoyalMail recorded delivery. PLA Filament Starter  from Rosa3D created for novice users of 3D printers. The simplicity of printing with our PLA Starter will  convince you to print even more complex and demanding projects. PLA Starter is characterized by low shrinkage and no unpleasant smell. PLA Starterprints are characterized by very good layer adhesion and very good reproduction of detail details. It is made of a biodegradable biopolymer. Filament created only from ingredients approved for contact with food.Recommended printing temperature 210-240 ° C.Recommended table temperature: 50-70 ° CTECHNICAL PARAMETERS OF PLA Starter 	Diameter (mm): 1.75 mm	Diameter tolerances (mm):  +/- 0.05 mm	Ovality tolerances (mm):  +/- 0.02 mm	Weight (g):  800 g (vacuum packed with moisture absorber)	Print temperature (° C):  210-240 ° C	Table temperature (° C): Does not require a heated table (50-70 ° C if the printer has a heated one)PLA PHYSICAL PARAMETERS Starter	Density : 1.24 g / cm3	Odor : odorless	Tensile elongation: 6% (ASTM D882)	Tensile strength (to break):  53 MPa (ASTM D882)	Tensile modulus: 3500 MPa (ASTM D882)	Thermal deformation temperature:   55 ° C (ASTM E2092)

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