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PETG CarbonLook from ROSA3D was created for prints in which the visual effect of the object is more important than its industrial use.

The small addition of carbon fibers used in PET-G Standard makes us obtain a print with a satin surface and almost invisible layers, with only a slight stiffening of the material. An additional advantage is the possibility of obtaining light transparency of the material in prints with very thin walls.


Printing with PETG CarbonLook is characterized by a low level of threading and excellent adhesion between layers. Obtaining fascinating effects is possible just as easily as with PETG Standard filament. The material shows no shrinkage, does not require a closed chamber. Due to the low content of carbon fibers in the material, the abrasion of the filament is less than for PETG + CF, which translates into less wear on the printing nozzle.

Recommended printing temperature 220- 260 ° C.

Recommended table temperature: 60-80 ° C



  • Diameter (mm):  1.75 mm
  • Diameter tolerances (mm):  +/- 0.05 mm
  • Ovality tolerances (mm):  +/- 0.02 mm
  • Weight (g):  500 g (vacuum packed with moisture absorber)
  • Print temperature (° C):  220-260 ° C
  • Table temperature (° C):  60-80 ° C


  • Density : 1.29 g / cm3
  • Odor : odorless
  • Notched Izod impact strength:  4.7 kJ / m2 (ISO 180)
  • Tensile elongation (speed 5 mm / min, to break): 5.5% (ISO 527)
  • Tensile strength (to break):  47 MPa (ISO 527-2)
  • Tensile modulus:  2980 MPa (ISO 527-2)
  • Thermal deformation temperature:   78 ° C (ISO 306)

PETG CarbonLook 1.75mm 0.5kg

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