If you're looking for new miniature to you tabletop gaming collection you're in the right place.
We design and print in resin.
If you not sure what you need, chat with us and we will help you decide.
Blue Box Goblin offers bespoke 3d printing and 3d modeling services.

Please be aware design service we offer and miniatures created are for personal use only.
Time necessary to create miniature may vary and will depends on amount of details and complexity of model.

Please use personalization option or see modelling tab in regards of creating stl file.

Important! Despite manual cleaning some of resin made products may have small but visible marks/flaws: small horizontal/vertical lines (depends of printing orientation), uneven bases, holes in bases (if hollowed), sanding marks, punctures (support points)

When you place the order, please send us your STL/OBJ file(s) to wojciech@blueboxgoblin.com along with your order number, so we could proceed without delays.

We print in different sizes, not only 30mm, so you can get bigger prints in reasonable price.

Make sure to choose correct option before you send file(s) to us.

Please be aware that we determine model size by measurement of it's longest side.
We always check files before printing and if any errors occur we will let you know. Simple errors can be fixed, however more complex operations will be discussed with you.

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