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Mighty Dragon, 28mm scale miniature. Great addition to your war-gaming (board-gaming) collection.

Height: top to floor (including base) - approx. 160mm; base diameter approx. 85mm (with rocks)


Made with white or grey resin, depends of availability.

Cleaned and assembled manually to ensure best possible quality. 
This miniature is hollowed and will have several holes in the bottom of it's base.
All miniatures come unpainted!

This is original Blue Box Goblin design

Important! Despite manual cleaning some of resin made products may have small but visible marks/flaws: small horizontal/vertical lines (depends of printing orientation), uneven bases, holes in bases (if hollowed), sanding marks, punctures (support points)


Average order completion time: 5-7 days

Mighty Dragon miniature, ideal for DnD and RPG, 28mm

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