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Christmas tree decorations. Adorable baby angel. Little Cherub.

Mix of 3d printing and handmade work. We work hard to make sure every single figurine have it's own charm. 
Finished with matte paint. Gives impression of ceramic product; Ceramic imitation.

This is original Blue Box Goblin design you won't find anywhere else.

Cleaned and assembled manually to ensure best possible quality. 

If you after bigger size than presented feel free to get in touch via chat or customization form.  We could make it happen.

Size: 65x84x28 mm / 2.55x3.3x1.1 in


Despite manual cleaning some of resin made products may have small but visible marks/flaws:
small horizontal/vertical lines (depends of printing orientation), uneven bases, holes in bases (if hollowed), sanding marks, punctures (support points)

Each item comes with little eye/hook (colour and size may vary)
Average order completion time:  approx. 3 days

Made to order

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Christmas Tree decorations - Little Cherub - Angel - Adorable - Ceramic imitatio

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