About 3D Modeling:

Nature of 3d modeling is to develop three-dimensional digital creation representing (mathematically) real/unreal surface or object via modeling software. 

Final product is called 3d model.  

Isn't it simple?

PHOTO Edited
3D MODEL Lithophnane

Of course, there's a bit more work to do, and above example only shows mentioned mathematical representation of surface... 

This is only single example of what could be created. There're many applications where 3d modeling is a must and a good thing is, that it's still developing.

What can we do and what we don't?

Our main purpose is to design 3d print dedicated models, however we can also help with creating CAD designs (stp,step).

We offer a range of 3d services from hard surface modeling to digital sculpting, including lithophane, home décor, office items, gadgets, characters, wargaming miniatures and terrain. Many of our designs are available via online store as ready printed models or printable files (stl/obj/3mf). We're open to new ideas and enjoy getting more experience.

 "...it's only impossible until it's created..."

Our passion is creating organic shapes, mostly creature, animals and trees. Greatest part of our customers focused around board games and lithophane, but we had many with different requests and most of them keep coming back to us. Find out more

We use Fusion360, Blender and ZBrush as our main tools. and other related software. We've got everything we need to do the job!

Sadly, there're thing we don't do, but we're constantly learning, so hopefully, soon may enhance range of services...

Until then, we want you to be aware of list below:

  • Animations and characters rigging
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • UV mapping (only for in house use)
  • CNC machining gcodes

Models designed for 3d printing are different than for video games or movies. They have to be "watertight". It means, mesh has to be closed with no gaps, holes, missing or over-lapping faces, so printing software (slicer) could make calculations and create a special code telling machine what to do. Any type of error may result with deformation or missing pieces could lead to fail print or machine issues.  

What do we need to proceed?

When you contacting us; Please provide:

  • Your fully detailed idea. Reference pictures will be beneficial, but aren't mandatory.
  • Any related questions
  • Your full name including title
  • Email
  • Phone number (optional) and best time to call you
  • Address (required for invoice)

Once we've received your email it may take up to 24h before we get back to you.
Your quote will remain valid for 7 days.

How long? How much?

Difficult questions and not the easiest answers. It could take few hours and few months sometimes. There're many factors determining modeling jobs. Please make yourself familiar with below guide we use to calculate modeling cost:

  1. Support materials and time required to collect them - reference pictures, videos, articles. Anything necessary to start modeling.
  2. Complexity of design - amount of details and number separate elements.
  3. Purpose - commercial or personal.
  4. Time frame - low priority models cost less.
  5. Splitting model - may not be needed, but some customers request it to ease printing.
  6. Test print - not very common practice. Helpful with multi cavity models.

We set our standard order processing time to one week for low details models and two weeks for mid-details models. High-poly, multi-pieces models and high importance jobs will be considered individually.

  • MODELING/RE-MODELING - £50 minimum charge. 
  • PRINTING FILE REPAIR - price will vary. £5 for cosmetic repairs up to £99 for more time-consuming jobs which may require manual mesh adjustments. Price for each model.

Prices for creating Lithophane files are excluded from "3d modeling" and only available via online store.
We will do our best to repair any file within 24h. If we are unable to do so we will offer re-modeling service or refund you in full.
Time frame fee for high importance modeling jobs will be consider individually with most accurate and realistic figures. We cannot do more than we're capable of, however we can reorganize work schedule and add your job to the top of our list.

This table might be modified without any further notice. You're obligated to make yourself familiar with its content. Your continued use of service will constitute your acknowledgment of the modifications.

To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, please make yourself familiar with our Terms & Conditions.

Now, when you know everything you need, why not get a quote.

It's really simple and stress-less procedure.