Happy New Year!

2020 finally ended...

We wish you a better 2021!

Happy New Year!

New year, new resolutions, new challenges...

We're really grateful for your trust and are looking forward to work with you again.

For the start we keep free delivery on for orders over £50 until further notice.

There's also no plans to increase service fees on 3d printing and 3d modelling (we hope that's good news) :-)

For all of you who are buying filament or resin regularly, we're working on monthly subscriptions. No promises it will be available in January, however we are planning to deliver it sometime in February.

From today UK's import/export law changes. Because we're importing most of filaments from the EU, this will be our main challenge. We're not expecting price increase, however some delays might be expected and we're really sorry about.

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