30th March...

We are pleased to confirm that more filament along with new arrivals from Rosa3d will be available from next Tuesday, 30th March.

Our attention focuses mainly on long awaiting flex filaments. Rosa3d surprised us last month by announcing 9 different colours instead of just a few! We tested red last year and it printed really easy on Original Prusa MK3S, with reasonably high speed.

Second filament worth attention will be a glow in the dark PLA. Two colurs: green and blue. Ease of printing is the same like other Rosa3d PLA with slightly lower processing temperature.

Once both are here we will be looking for a few testers who would be happy to share some photos with us. If you are interested just drop us a message via chat or contact form and we will get back to.

And the best... All new arrivals will come at a reduced price of 20% and 25%*.

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*Limited time only

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