We're currently offering two different types of 3d printing, FFF and SLA.

Both with various type of materials and colours.

Find out more about filaments here.

FFF (FDM) printing

Printing capacity: up 300x300x300mm

Resolution: 0.1 - 0.29mm (100-290 microns)

Filaments: PLA (23 colours), PETG (11), ASA (9), TPU (3), Nylon CF (1), PETG CF (1) {Full list of colours}

SLA/DLP printing

Printing capacity: up 215x130x250mm

Resolution: 0.02 - 0.05mm (20 - 50 microns)

Resin: Standard (8), Enforced (1), Wax (1)

How long? How much?

We set our minimum charge to £10 and order processing time to up 3 working days for small orders, up to 5 working days for medium. Large items, bulk or express orders will be considered individually.


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