We're currently offering two different types of 3d printing, FFF and SLA.

Both with various type of materials and colours.

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FFF (FDM) printing

Printing capacity: 300x300x300mm

Resolution: 0.1 - 0.29mm (100-290 microns)

Filaments: PLA (23 colours), PETG (11), ASA (9), TPU (3), Nylon CF (1), PETG CF (1) {Full list of colours}

SLA/DLP printing

Printing capacity: 215x130x250mm

Resolution: 0.02 - 0.05mm (20 - 50 microns)

Resin: Standard (8), Enforced (1), Wax (1)

How long? How much?

We set our minimum charge to £10 and order processing time to 1-3 working days for small orders, up to 5 working days for medium. Large items or bulk orders will be considered individually.

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Well known Zortrax Inkspire ( 74x132x175mm) and Elegoo Mars (68x120x150mm). Both can produce great quality of printed parts, high precision and reliability. Zortrax line offers a range of materials suiting different applications:

  • FLEXIBLE - is an elastic resin with an elongation at break of 19%. It not only offers smooth edges, high details and sharp contours, but also a high impact resistance. The unique properties of the resin make it perfect for precise, flexible parts, protective covers and models with softer surfaces. Applications: Flexible parts, Soft surfaces, Impact-resistant models, Moulding, Covers. Shore hardness: 60D. Colour: Yellow (Transparent).

  • PRO - short curing times and high details with the added benefit of high resistance to bending. The resin has a very low shrinkage and contains no harmful organic compounds. It is designed for the production of functional parts or tools. Applications: Functional parts, Function tools, heavy prototypes, mechanical parts. Shore hardness: 76D. Colour: Black (Opaque).

  • BASIC - 3D-printing photopolymer that achieves high levels of detail and precision thanks to its low shrinkage. Once cured, it can easily be painted in different colours.  Applications: Housing for the electronics, Functional prototypes, Display models, End use parts. Shore hardness: 82D. Colour: White, Grey, Translucent/Pigment-free.


Other brands: Elegoo & PrimaCreator, two very good mid-shelf brands with similar purpose as Zortrax Basic:

  • Elegoo Standard - Shore hardness 84D, low shrinkage, Applications: Art, Decor, Board game elements, Display models. Colour: White, Grey, Black.

  • PrimaCreator - Shore hardness 85-88D, low shrinkage. Applications: Art, Decor, Board game elements, Display models. Colour: Skin (Beige).


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We offer two different printing builds of popular brands Zortrax M300 Plus 300x300x300mm and Original Prusa I3 MK3S 210x250x210mm. Both types are versatile, very reliable, offer great quality of printed parts and are real workhorses!


Over the years we were able to select several suppliers to keep customers satisfied.

Offered materials:

  • We main focus on providing 3d printing services using Rosa3d filaments, which we also resell. Manufacturer offers wide range of materials working well with variety of applications. Click here to find out more.

  • ApolloX by Formfutura- industrial-grade modified ASA is a professional high-performance engineering filament. Main features: UV resistance, heat resistance, colour stability. Great engineering filament for outdoor and automotive applications. Available in several colours.

  • Crystal Flex by Formfutura - high-performance engineering material. Main features: strength, resilience, semi-flexibility. Transparent with high-gloss surface. Shore hardness: 63D and bendable up to 230% without white stress marks.  Meets UL 94HB flame retardant standards criteria.

  • FlexiFill White by Formfutura - TPC with unique property allowing objects return back to their original position or shape after being bent. Features: flexibility, long term heat resistance, UV resistance, strength and good chemical resistance. Shore hardness: 45D. IEC 60695-11-10 Flammability classification: HB

  • TPU Black - shore hardness: 93A. Good shock absorbing qualities. useful for many different applications like mobile phone covers, keyboard protectors, insoles, gaskets, tyres, seals, and ice trays.

  • PLA -  a thermoplastic made from renewable resources, Easy to print and can produce fairy good details in reasonably short time. Most popular choice for quick prints. Downside would be it low temperature resistance, so it's not best choice for outdoor or mechanical equipment with loads of friction. Available in several colours.

  • PETG - very tough material with good thermal resistance. Suitable for mechanical parts and both indoor and outdoor use, but it general it's very universal. Its best feature is no warping, so printing large objects can be very easy and stress-less. Available in several colours.

  • Zortrax series - please contact us for more details.


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