3D Printed Products (Disclaimer)

Blue Box Goblin offer products made by the plastic extrusion method, called FFF (FDM) and DLP 3D printing.
First one, Fused Filament Fabrication, is a process of creating three-dimensional objects from digital file by adding thin layers of molten plastic one on top of the other until object made. Anything printed with, are not like injection moulded parts. The surface may shows rings, blemishes and other signs of plastic extrusion, however this is no way deters from the product quality or functionality. Second method, Digital Light Processing, is quite new, however it’s evolved from 1980s SLA, and it uses projected image to cure the surface of a liquid photopolymer. It's very precise and can produce parts in similar surface quality to injection moulded products.



Blue Box Goblin use and provide ready products made with PLA, ASA, PETG and some flex materials (TPU and TPC). First one is most common type, however low temperature resistance made it unsuitable for areas with temperature over 60°C as it will distort. PETG resists higher temperatures, however it’s glass point’s around 80°C. ASA is suitable with temperatures over 100°C therefore is dishwasher safe or can be used for automotive purposes. Flex materials have different temperature properties, hardness and flexibility. They’re mostly use for engineering purposes. Find out more



Blue Box Goblin use and provide ready products made with resin photopolymers. With a range of materials to choose from, DLP is a 3D printing technology suited to many different applications, like engineering, dental, jewellery, art, commercially-ready products and board games elements. This method enables us to produce parts with resolutions under 50 microns and provide a smooth surface finish.
Some of the products may show some imperfections. Most likely they are support leftovers which require additional work. Depends of type of purchased goods or services we may/may not perform post-processing. Parts classified as a defective will be removed from order and reprinted immediately. Some parts may/may not come with yellowish discoloration. This is a result of UV curing process. There's no universal time scale for curing, therefore, we can not guarantee that discoloration can occur.  Find out more 


Any of 3D printed parts are not suitable for food usage unless coated with food safe epoxy resin.

Please keep all plastic parts away from open fire. Please note that is not recommended to use 3D printed parts in confined spaces that are subject to high temperatures.

Our products are not suitable for children under 3 years old. We reserve rights to increased age limit with certain products.

Please note, due to several material suppliers, there might be slight difference in colour between products presented on photographs and items sent to you. Colour samples available on request, postage fee apply.


Last update: 22.07.19
Created: 06.03.19