Scan your world...

If you're looking to scan small or medium size objects this is the right place.


We offer precise scanning service at affordable price.


Wide range of use! Anything from gaming miniatures to automotive parts, but not only.

  • Same day scans.

  • Objects as small as 30x30x30mm up to 200x200x200mm 

  • 0.05mm accurancy

  • 3D printable files

  • Full data capture





We constantly work on increasing scanning capacity.

Prices starts from*

  • £25 scanning

  • £50 colour-scanning

  • £25 cleaning, aligning and combing each file.

Depends of object shape or colour scan might not be accurate and may require manual re-modelling.

Important things you need to know about scanning

Black or shinny objects are really hard to scan and would need thin coat of special paint in order to get some decent results.

Hair or thin materials cannot be scanned.
Very small details might not be captured.

Covered details might not be captured.

Scanned objects need some post-processing work before they are ready to use.

Scanned objects are most likely to be used as a reference only to create 3d model.

*VAT not included